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Meet The Adventures of Black Hawk

What’s The Black Hawk got?


France, 1789. The beginning of the French Revolution. In the Burgundy region, the revolution is in the air. The nobility abuses of the peasants and it´s consuming most of their resources using their power. The atmosphere of hostility and decadence among the people in Dijon it´s increasing. Meanwhile, The Black Hawk appears, a masked man that menaces the rich people, stealing their excessive belongings and giving it back to the people. Surprisingly, the Black Hawks turns out to be Jean-Pierre de Saint Cove, a nobleman in a relevant social position who uses his status to know the weaknesses of the nobility and then be able to carry out his own reckoning. Jean-Pierre, as the Black Hawk, lives in a house in the middle of the forest, leading a life in nature, following the principles of Rousseau or Voltaire. It is in one of his robberies, when the mayor of the police, Baron Le Comeau, slashes Black Hawk´s face, leaving Jean-Pierre in check, who will not be able to show himself to the nobility as they know and causing many suspicions about him.

From this moment, our exciting adventure begins full of humor, trying to help our hero to solve the village mysteries, found the secrets of the Court and, definitely, give back to the people what belongs to them.

Will our Black Hawk finish the adventure without being exposed?

Main Characters

PierreJean-Pierre de Saint Cove
The main character of our story. The Black Hawk it´s at the same time a nobleman who uses his status to get information from the Court and, in this way, trying to help people, hiding himself behind his mask and with his buddy Mathieu.

Clement Mathieu Bocourt
Buddy and Jean-Pierre´s helper. He is the only who knows his real secret and he prepares everything in order to make robberies always successful. Really important in the story, he will help our main character to solve a lot of puzzles.

CarolineViolette Hulot
Peasant who fights in the resistance for the equality and freedom for the people. In love with Jean-Pierre, she will be an important character in our adventure. Besides that, she is Hubert Hulot daughter, an old soldier turned revolutionary that will not like the relation between Violette and Jean-Pierre, before to know his real identity.

Barón La BarrêmeBarón René LeComeau
The evil villain. Without doubts, LeComeau is the main tool the Court uses to persecute the Black Hawk. Police chief, persecutes and prepares with intelligence every single mission to try to cut off Jean-Pierre´s head. Moreover, he strongly suspects the relation between Jean-Pierre de Saint Cove and the Black Hawk, increased by his passion for Violette Hulot. Will we be able to dissuade and escape from him?

Marqués de Montluçon Marqués de Montluçon
Marquis of the Village de Dijon. Nobleman who drowns the low class with high taxes, forcing peasants to work hard and taking advantage of his position to control them all.

Nicole de Montluçon
Secretly in love with Jean-Pierre, the wife of the Marquis of Montluçon enjoys luxuries she has thanks to her position and does not hesitate to have a double love life whenever she can. Looks kind, but in fact she is really cold and calculator, being far from social problems to get her own benefit.

Game Interface

The Black Hawk is a third person point&click graphic adventure, with a game interface of 9 classic verbs with same 80’s LucasArts games such as Monkey Island 2: LeChuck´s Revenge or Indiana Janes and the Fate of Atlantis, among others.

It's a template with 9 verbs that will allow you to carry out actions that are necessary to interact with the environment, among which you can choose by verbs such as “speak”, “take”, “give”, “open” or “close” among others. Opening doors, breaking objects or forcing embarrassing situations will be common elements in the game through these actions.

In addition, The Black Hawk consists of an inventory in which you can collect numerous objects to combine them or use them throughout the game that will help you overcome the adventure. Your cleverness to decide which objects are necessary and when, will help you overcome the challenge.


An example of a 9 verb template

What will you find in our adventure?

  • A hero hidden behind his mask. Take the control of Jean-Pierre and The Black Hawk. Besides that, sometimes you will need to control other characters.
  • Multiple puzzles and quizzes. Use objects from the environment, combine them, talk with other characters to get clues and try to cheat them if needed…
  • Sword fights! Shots! And a lot of emotion in the face of danger!
  • IQ points to get while solving main and secondary puzzles.
  • More than 30 characters to interact with.
  • At least 25 different scenarios detaily designed with LucasArts classic style.
  • A journey to the adventures from the 80’s and 90’s with a style faithful to it´s predecessors.
  • And villains, too many villains!

If you are a lover of this kind of adventures, rest assured hours of fun ahead!

The game it´s in development in this moment. You can check the progress in our specific section. Created with AGS graphic engine.
Made with the AGS engine.

Game development and source
The Adventures of The Black Hawk is based on the film and the novel by Alejandro Dumas "The Black Tulip".
The story, the characters, the stages and the music were only inspired by these sources.
Everything else has been created in an original way by the Croquetasesina Studios team for development
      of the video game.
Our effort and enthusiasm for the development of this game does not cease, we hope it meets your expectations.
      This game will be sold on Steam, Origin and maybe, Playstore;)
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