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There are a lot of exciting original musical themes in The Black Hawk. While it´s time to play and enjoy each of them, you can listen the main theme of our videogame, created by our composer J.L.

menuscreen      bocetoexplanada

Some of our first sketches.

Menu Screen of our Adventure Game.

The esplanade of the introduction.

A beautiful carriage.

Playground from the house of the Black Hawk.

Game development and source
The Adventures of The Black Hawk is based on the film and the novel by Alejandro Dumas "The Black Tulip".
The story, the characters, the stages and the music were only inspired by these sources.
Everything else has been created in an original way by the Croquetasesina Studios team for development
      of the video game.
Our effort and enthusiasm for the development of this game does not cease, we hope it meets your expectations.
      This game will be sold on Steam, Origin and maybe, Playstore;)
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