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References of The Black Hawk

xxWhere did the idea come from?

The adventures of The Black Hawk is a graphic adventure point&click based on the novel and movie The Black Tulip, which honors the graphic adventures from LucasArts during the 90’s. It is a pixeled graphic adventure with a 320x200 pixels resolution with music according to the old Sound Blaster: inspired on games like The Secret of Monkey Island, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis and Touché, which creates a new story with same playability and humor as their antecessors giving hours of fun.

The Videogamexx

As real graphic adventures from the 90’s of LucasArts fans, our game is based on artistic style like Monkey Island or Indiana Jones games. In addition, we have tried to develop a story with a script following the humorous topics of LucasArts. Irony and humor in out story are based mainly in the Monkey Island story, with a main character with big dreams, kind of clumsy and followed by absurdly funny situations.

Guybrush Threepwood has been an inspiration to develop the personality of our main character and it is reflected in the game intro. Turns out to be a frustrated hero that spends his life trying to achieve a goal, In the other side, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlants have a script little more serious and historical, something that we wanted to adapt with a historic script based on the French Revolution.

Based on this last game, we have tried to represent the same graphic style with our scenarios, with a great designer with huge experience in other important graphic adventures,
Monkey Island
who has achieved to make this style for real in our game. A pixelated draw art, full of details, with a bright color palette and a 320x200 px resolution looks like a real tribute to the adventures previously mentioned. And not only this, also, we have managed to develop a mixed battle system between mentioned games, so The Adventures of The Black Hawk will have a sword battle system

xx The Book

The book by Alexander Dumas titled The Black Tulip published in 1850 and set in the Netherlands (hence the chosen flower) is a direct source from which our script born. The De Witt brothers, under King Louis of France protection, Libro de El Tulipán Negro will find their death under the maddens people of The Hague, who believed they were guilty of conspiracy. But before to die, they left their godson Cornelius some compromising documents that will take him to the jail, where, with they young Rose, will try to get what he most desires in the world: the black tulip bulb. In this way, it was helpful as an influence for the ambient and recreation of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries costumes, as well as to capture the spirit of the characters of that time.

The moviexx

But if there is something where our script is based on, definitively, is the movie called The Black Tulip. It is a French-italian-spanish production from the 60’s that tells the adventures of a character similar to El Zorro, Película de El Tulipán Negro in a village in the south of France and who has a double life: he is and important and high situated nobleman but in the other hand he is hiding behind his mask to steal from the richmen and share with the peasants taking advantage from the information he knew being a nobleman. Our adventure bases mainly the story, locations and characters in this movie.Película de El Tulipán Negro The Black Tulip is a source of inspiration from which we started to develop our game. Although, the film is only a starting point of inspiration as we mentioned because the characters have a totally different personality, full of humor, once again, mentioned LucasArts games as main sources of inspiration in this sense.


Game development and source
The Adventures of The Black Hawk is based on the film and the novel by Alejandro Dumas "The Black Tulip".
The story, the characters, the stages and the music were only inspired by these sources.
Everything else has been created in an original way by the Croquetasesina Studios team for development
      of the video game.
Our effort and enthusiasm for the development of this game does not cease, we hope it meets your expectations.
      This game will be sold on Steam, Origin and maybe, Playstore;)
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